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What are my growth treatment options?

Diagnosis is just the beginning of your growth journey. By now, you may have questions about your treatment options. Get started by reviewing the options below and speaking with your doctor about which one may work for you.


Omnitrope® flexible
treatment options

The information below should help you decide which option will best fit your needs. If you have questions on how to inject Omnitrope, an OmniSource® Nurse Trainer can walk you through each step of the injection process. The nurse can also show you how to safely store and dispose of used needles.

Omnitrope is taken via daily injection. There are 2 administration options available—a liquid-formulation pen, and a vial and syringe.1

Injection pen

An injection pen may be the best option if you or your child is uncomfortable around needles or you would prefer not to mix Omnitrope at home. The ready-to-use liquid cartridge eliminates the need to reconstitute or mix with a liquid.*

In the photo, two foams for injection of the drug Omnitrope.

Our pens offer flexible dosing in 5 mg and 10 mg, and a liquid cartridge that stays stable for 28 days after the first injection.

Omnitrope vial and syringe.

Vial and syringe

If you choose the vial and syringe option, you will learn how to safely mix Omnitrope at home. Your Nurse Trainer will demonstrate this during your injection training session.

NOTE: Lyophilized powder must be reconstituted (mixed with liquid) before use. Each 5.8 mg vial of Omnitrope comes with a 1.14 mL vial of bacteriostatic water preserved with benzyl alcohol to mix in a solution before injecting. It stays stable for 3 weeks once reconstituted.

*Cartridge must be stored or refrigerated from 36°F (2°C) to 46°F (8°C).
Vial must be stored in the refrigerator at 36°F (2°C) to 46°F (8°C).


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Starting Omnitrope
growth hormone treatment

Getting started

If this is the first time you or your child is being prescribed a growth hormone treatment, or if you or your child is switching from another brand of somatropin, your OmniSource team is here to help you get started on Omnitrope as quickly as possible.

Financial support

Our team makes it their priority to give you the best possible start to treatment by helping you navigate the insurance process and address financial questions.


Ongoing support

The OmniSource team can teach you how to inject safely at home and make sure you’re comfortable with your new treatment routine.


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Growth hormone treatment for adults

Sometimes, a pediatric patient continues growth hormone treatment into adulthood. Adults can also acquire a growth hormone disorder for a number of reasons, such as traumatic brain injury.1

Whether you’re continuing growth hormone treatment or starting it for the first time, our OmniSource team is ready to help.

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OmniSource Patient Support Services

Click below to learn more about our Nurse Trainers and injection support.

Questions about Omnitrope?


To learn more about Omnitrope and our comprehensive patient support services, see our FAQ page for frequently asked questions about Omnitrope.


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