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What is Omnitrope?

Omnitrope is a laboratory-created human growth hormone designed to treat people living with certain growth-hormone-related disorders. Growth hormone is not only important to help children grow taller, but also supports other vital parts of the body, such as bones and muscles.

In children, Omnitrope works by increasing the amount of growth hormone, helping the child’s bones grow and muscles develop.

What does Omnitrope treat?

  • Growth hormone deficiency (GHD)
  • Turner syndrome
  • Prader-Willi syndrome
  • Idiopathic short stature
  • Small for gestational age
  • Adults with either adult onset or childhood onset GHD
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How does Omnitrope growth
hormone treatment work?

A graphic showing where the pituitary gland is located, responsible for many key functions, including proper growth.

Growth hormone

Growth hormone is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. When the pituitary gland doesn’t make enough human growth hormone—or doesn’t make any at all—the condition is called growth-related disorder.


Omnitrope contains an amino acid sequence that is identical to that of the human growth hormone of pituitary origin, which supports the growth and development of our bones and muscles.

In the photo, two foams for injection of the drug Omnitrope.
A doctor explains to a smiling teenage girl how to take Omnitrope

How is Omnitrope taken?

Omnitrope is taken by an injection under the skin, also called a subcutaneous injection. It is usually taken daily or several times a week, as instructed by your healthcare provider.

There are 2 injection options available:

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Injection Pen

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Vial and Syringe

Your doctor can help you decide which option is best for your family. Once you’ve made a decision, our personalized support program, OmniSource®, will help with the rest!

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Omnitrope Safety and Side Effects

Sandoz is committed to safety. We’ve studied the safety and potential side effects of Omnitrope extensively and shared key facts here to help you and your doctor make the right decision about growth hormone therapy.

Questions about Omnitrope?


To learn more about Omnitrope and our comprehensive patient support services, see our FAQ page for frequently asked questions about Omnitrope.


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