About Omnitrope


Omnitrope is identical in structure to naturally occurring growth hormone, but it is produced in a laboratory and meets strict standards of product quality. Somatropin actions include tissue, skeletal, cell, and organ growth. Additionally, somatropin stimulates protein, carbohydrate, lipid, mineral, and connective tissue metabolism to support growth.1

Omnitrope patients and caregivers can access numerous services and personalized support by registering with OmniSource, our comprehensive support center dedicated to helping children with growth-related disorders and their families.


REFERENCES: 1. Omnitrope (package insert). Princeton, NJ: Sandoz, Inc. 2014.


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Getting Started



You’re embarking on a growth journey and with any journey, there’s a lot to learn and you’ll be introduced to many new and unfamiliar experiences along the way. You have a team of professionals who are here for you and your family, and we’ve also created a host of materials and resources you can turn to for guidance. Click for more>

Injection Training Videos


Help your child learn to take Omnitrope with these fun and informative videos.

Click to view Pen Injection video
Click to view Vial Injection video