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Omnitrope is identical in structure to naturally occurring growth hormone, but it is produced in a laboratory and meets strict standards of product quality. Omnitrope works in much the same way as growth hormone produced by the body does: it stimulates the body’s bones and cartilage to grow.4

Omnitrope has been studied and has been proven to help children grow.4 Omnitrope is also easy to use and can cost less than other treatments. In addition, Omnitrope users can access numerous services and personalized support by registering with OmniSource, our comprehensive support center dedicated to helping children with Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) and their families.

The people at OmniSource are skilled at answering your questions, guiding you through the insurance approval process and providing helpful Omnitrope materials. They can even arrange for an OmniSource Nurse Trainer to provide injection training, if your child’s doctor requests it.
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What is Growth Hormone Deficiency?


When the pituitary gland doesn’t make enough human growth hormone — or, in some cases, doesn’t make any at all — this condition is called Growth Hormone Deficiency, or GHD. Hormone deficiencies may be present at birth or may develop over time. Scientists are still learning more about the causes of GHD.1-3

Omnitrope (somatropin [rDNA origin] for injection) is a recombinant human growth hormone used for the treatment of growth failure due to growth hormone deficiency and certain growth hormone conditions. In children, it works by increasing the amount of growth hormone in your child, helping his or her bones to grow and muscles to develop.4

What is Human Growth Hormone?


Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a protein that is critical for normal growth. It is made in the pituitary gland, often called the “master gland” because it makes many hormones the body needs to function properly. The pituitary gland is located in the brain and is the size of a pea. It releases hormones, including growth hormone, into the bloodstream. The hormones then travel to organs and tissues, sending them messages to act in a certain way. The role of growth hormone is to tell the body’s tissues, including muscles and bones, to grow.1

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Getting Started



You’re embarking on a growth adventure and with any adventure, there’s a lot to learn and you’ll be introduced to many new and unfamiliar experiences along the way. But no worries, you have an entire team of professionals who are here for you and your family, and we’ve also created a host of materials and resources you can turn to for guidance. Click for more>

Injection Training Videos


Help your child take Omnitrope with these fun and informative videos.

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